An Ode to Ayurvedic Self-Care

by Deborah Rose


The Gift of Ayurveda


One's medicine is someone else's poison. Ayurveda is a star in creating personalised lifestyle strategies that serve exactly who you are, and where you are in life. Schedule some 1on1 time in with me or join me for consecutive coaching to make impactful changes in your life by working with herbs, foods, playful routines, bodywork and meditation.



Ayurveda Goddess


Ayurveda Goddess Sessions are designed to bring the best out of your Mind and Body by working with Ayurveda's Holistic Toolbox of herbal blends, medicinal cooking, ritual, breathing, meditation and body work, all weaved into a self-care strategy that is UNIQUE to Your Mind-Body Type and day-to-day living.

Gut health, Hormonal Health, Happy Periods and Energetic Bliss are the objective. Also ideal for Conscious Conceiving.


Ayurveda Goddess: The Method


Ayurveda's secret is in the practice: *repeatedly* connecting with a taste, scent, texture and frequency helps you reset your Mind and Body. I believe that the greatest transformations are made when the total plan is broken up into smaller, digestible steps that can be mastered under the right guidance. To make such guidance more accessible I offer a Complete Journey at a discounted rate.

Your investment of £159 adds all the crown jewels below to your pocket: 

Book as one-off's, singles or as bundle:

BOOK  BUNDLE | SAVE £48 and receive your ceremonial grade, personalised Herbal Blend

Ayurvedic Mind-Body Reading

Assessment Ceremony including Ayurvedic Questioning, Tongue-, Marma- and Pulse Reading.

(45 minutes)



Insights & Protocol + access to a personal portal with notes, recipes, rituals, breathwork, asana and meditation. *Personalised Herbal Blend included! (45 minutes)


On-Demand Guidance

Ask questions, get updates and practice together. (30 minutes)



Herbal Healing


One’s cure is someone else's poison. My Herbal Healing sessions take you on a journey to your unique Botanical Profile: a match made in your Mums Womb. You can either book in for a full herbal profile, or for a specific women's health-related protocol.

Generic: following a brief Ayurvedic Assessment I will create a herbal profile including spices, teas, oils and aromatherapy. You will also walk out with your very own Ceremonial Grade Herbal Blend, either by Dosha; or Karmically inspired (Herbal Tarot). BOOK NOW.

Yoni/Womb Care: Includes a herbal protocol to optimise your Reproductive Tract. Because the Womb and the Subconsciousness are closely related, you will also receive a personalised ritual inspired by the work of Mother Maya Tiwari. BOOK NOW.


Bliss Body Massage & Womb Ceremonies


At Your Home or in Chelsea at £159

Womb Ceremony

If you have painful/irregular periods, PMS, fertility, Conscious Conceiving, Prenatal Sonic Massage, postpartum healing, healing of the "Mother Wound" and/or emotional release, this is for you.

75 min ☾ BOOK NOW

Bliss Body Massage

Need a Nervous System Reset? In the middle of something big, stressful or unsettling? Suffering from insomnia? This is for you.

75 min ☾ BOOK NOW

These offerings are designed for you if you are looking to reset your nervous system or nourish your womb. It will also help you to release deep-seated emotions, and get your body to a Sattvic - Sanskrit for Bliss - state.

The star of both treatments is a Herbalised oil, that I prepare for you the night before your massage. The oil is tuned to your Mind-Body Type and/or (health) goal. To perfect the synergy, you will get a quick Ayurvedic assessment the day before your massage.

Other good-good you may encounter in your treatment: marma massage, tuning forks, Kansa Wands & Crystals, Pinda Sveda, breathwork and deep meditation.

Walk-ins are accepted, too. In that case, I will treat you with a pre-made oil based on the three generic mind-body types. We can then further personalise your treatment with powders and aroma.


Prenatal Ayurveda


From Conception through Birth, Ayurveda is here to support you with holistic recipes, movements, journal practices, rituals and bodywork. Every step of the way. My sessions are designed to deliver these to you when you most need them, 1 step at a time.

My aim is to support you with all the good things Earth has to offer, as to bring you Bliss and as much Balance as humanly possible throughout your prenatal journey.

Explore Ayurveda Mamma Sessions

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Let's Chat. Chai on me.


Are you pulled towards Ayurveda, but not really sure where to start? You're not alone. There is so much out there, traditions may vary, and you haven't even met me yet! It would be an honour for me to hear you out, and to explore together how Ayurveda can be of service to you.

P.S.: I also have a weekly publication that delivers Ayurvedic Self-Care practices on Fridays and prenatal and postpartum inspiration on Sundays. I would love to see you there! Feel free to send me a shout-out after signing up, and share any questions you may have so I can keep these in mind while working on the next drop.