Deborah Rose

"An Ode to Self-Care"


Embodying Your Brand


Deborah Rose, Muse and Advocate for Holistic Health & Natural Parenting.

My Story



Born and bred in the woods of a small Dutch town, I was hungry to travel the world. My main goal was to make myself feel local in all global metropolitans. My career in the fashion industry as a Model handed me that opportunity.

After working for names like Vogue, Louis Vuitton and Diesel, I decided my next destination should be my own body.

I immersed in Ayurveda, a holistic mind-body system with roots in the Vedic Tradition, and have been in awe of the body's capabilities to heal itself when she works with Mother Earth since.

When I am not working on creative productions, you can find me in my Herbal Workshop, or my virtual practice It's Mother Earth where I specialise in natural solutions for Women's Health.

My Secret Power? Unapologetic Self-Care, unlocked by spending time in nature.



Career Highlights


Marco Mengoni: starring in two of the music video's for his Album "Le Cose Che Non Ho".


Advocating for the LBQT+ community in this Christmas Commercial "Love needs no words" for CLUSE in 2018.


FOAM Museum. Muse for exhibition "A Feast For The Eye" in 2019. Produced by HALAL.



Highlights | Video




I made it my heart's project to advocate for a healthy, down-to-earth, mind-body relationship within the modelling industry by working with agents and their upcoming talent since 2017.

In my mentorship- and workshop sessions I shared the holistic mind-body practices of Ayurveda, a sister science to Yoga, that specializes in personalised self-care using herbs, nutrition, optimised routines and bodywork.

When I fell pregnant with Nova I was beyond grateful for the empowerment, bliss and healing Ayurveda's practices brought to this year of major transformation. With the birth of my Son unravelled my second passion: sharing Ayurveda with those who want to conceive, are pregnant, birthing or in the postpartum phase of their lives.

Left and Centre: by Alma Rosaz - Right: Honouring Breastfeeding with Julia Clansey




The mind and the body

I joined the group Model Activists in 2018, where over 350 models join forces to target a variety of topics that are well overdue for change. In the past four years my focus has been on a sustainable mind-body relationship for Models, and as I became pregnant, continued to talk about Body Image for new mothers.

(Up Right) Model Activist Interview with Common Sense Japan.

(Left) Transformation captured by Alma Rosaz

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